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Product Name : Prime Virgin Mercury 99.999%

Specification / Quality : Prime virgin mercury 99.999%

Packaging:  34.5 Kgs net new steel flask. Packed in a metallic flask with 34.5 kg in each flask, package in wooden boxes of 25 flasks in each box.

Virgin Mercury purity = 99.999% by wt min.

Money Back Guarantee: 100%

Other names: fast, hydrargyrum, hydrargyrum

Cas No.:7439-97-6 – EINECS: 231-106-7 – MF : Hg –  Free from heavy metals

– Packing iron cylinder (34.5)kg net – weight

Physical State: Powder

Appearance: Red

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Red Powder Mercury for Sale:

Red Powder Mercury for Sale

AABEST is the leading supplier of Red Powder Mercury that is Red Powder Mercury for Sale around the world .Our new stock of Chemicals Pure Red Powder Mercury 99.999% . Red Mercury ( Pyroantimonate ) 99.999% are ready to deliver in our Lab with the best and flexible price . This company are very glad with the qualities and purity we offer . We are experience in servicing the world chemicals market . Our production depend on the specific of product items and qualities of items . The formula ( Hg2Sb2O7 ) & ( sb2o7Hg2 ) . The density ( 20 .20 kg/dm3 ) . It purity is ( 99.999% ) . Our antimony mercury oxide as a low density ( nonradioactive ) powder ( 10% by weight Plutonium ,61% Mercury , 11 % antimony , 6 % oxygen , 2 % Iodine and 1,6 % Gallium . The formula ( Hg6sb2O8 ) . We also have a Liquid explosive ( HgSbO ) . Number ( 20720-76-7 ) . ( HgO ) = Yellow or Red Solid . Number ( 21908-53-2 ) . Density ( 11.14g/cm3 ) .

Buy Red Powder Mercury Online:

Buy Red Powder Mercury Online

We’re a Premium distributor and Retailer of Pure Red Mercury Online. AABESTT supply Pure Red Liquid Mercury of extraordinary quality. Our Pure Red Liquid Mercury, is exceptionally requesting by ventures world over to items a wide assortment of items. It is high evaluation and flawlessly made Pure Red Liquid Mercury.  This product is  ships worldwide with 100% assurance of conveying your item on schedule. Red mercury powder is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and the atomic number 80.

It is commonly call mercury and was formerly call hydrargyrum. A heavy silver block element, mercury is the only liquid metallic element at standard temperature and pressure conditions. The only other liquid element under these conditions is bromine, although metals such as cesium, gallium and rubidium melt just above room temperature.

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Buy Red Powder Mercury Online

In spite of the fact that worry over the lethality of the component the eliminating of mercury and circulatory strain screens . Similarly, mechanical pressure gauges and electronic strain gauge sensors have replaced mercury sphygmomanometers. Mercury is still use in scientific research applications and in dental amalgams in some places. It is use in fluorescent lighting. The electricity that passes through the mercury vapor in a fluorescent lamp produces short-wave ultraviolet light. This which causes phosphorus to fluoresce in the tube, resulting in visible light.

Red Powder Mercury :

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1/2 Flask, 1 Flask, 2 Flasks, 3 Flasks

12 reviews for Buy Top Quality Red Powder Mercury 99.999%|Red Powder Mercury for Sale

  1. Austin cameron

    Having Dealt with these people on a…
    Having Dealt with these people on a number of occasions I can vouch for the Quality of product, delivery normally 3 Days , and readiness to communicate with you to assure you of product.- which is Very good
    Happy customer

  2. Wyatt Jayden

    The best service ever
    i ‘m not sure if i used them before, anyway the payment method has changed,which became a bit off putting, but it was quite easy and they got back to me regularly, which really helped me. The order came v quickly indeed

  3. Nicholas John

    Excellent product and service
    Excellent product and service. Thanks once again

  4. Brooklyn Amelia

    Excellent product and service
    Excellent product and service. Thanks once again

  5. Ximena Avery

    I have used this company on many…
    I have used this company on many occasions. The value is good and delivery is quick. Discreet packaging. Will be using them again Would highly recommend to anyone who suffers sleep problems.



  6. Emilía Jose

    Amazing company
    Fast delivery, great service

  7. Ava Isabella

    last order 216516
    Excellent customer service,

  8. Victoria Madison

    Very good product
    Very good product, have always got the order on time, hassle free service would highly recommend and cheapest Iv found 🙂

  9. Violet Aurora

    A great and respectful company.

  10. Henry Daniel

    Order number 216082
    Order number – 216082 – Cheaper than lots of other places, quick ordering, delivery and spoke to customer care who helped resolve a query of mine. Will definitely use again.

  11. Adeline Hailey

    I love this company now as before I’d…
    I love this company now as before I’d wait weeks but the last ten orders have come within the week.

  12. Ximena Leilani

    I have had no issue with eventually receiving goods and the quality of the products. They are trustworthy.

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